Wanderer Blue








135 lb


5 ft 11 in

Fighting Style


"Quote by character"

" We are thespians in fear's tragic play; our roles, as well as our demise as inevitable as its curtain call."


Slim build, Black Hime cut hair, Mediterranean complexion, green eyes, long eyelashes, scarring in the left side of her face (resulting from severe burns)


Even-Tempered,Calculating,Cold,Pragmatic. Amalthea is a person who is concerned only with the bottom line and will do anything to achieve it. Unhindered by morality, Amalthea acts without regard for the safety and well being of others and has been known to use some of her unknowing associates as bait. Amalthea takes pride in her efficiency and is known for her extensive planning before acting.


Her family lived in one of the territories near the Tesla Empire. They lived their lives peacefully using their Ekylicast abilities to farm the land. When the Kingdom of Tesla began its expansion, her village was one of the first to be attacked. Her family killed and her land razed, Amalthea had no to call home. She took to wandering from town to town taking odd jobs to survive.



(Tools/Essences and Equipment)Edit

(Each person will start out with four slots. For a fabricast this is for machines you create, for a ekylicast the essences you have stored. These should be edited as they change. Fabricasts and ekylicasts start out with ONE actual essence or machine. The other three are for things that happen in the story.

Note:This is strictly for what you create or essences you have stored. You may have other equipment, but that goes in a different place. Please put just Tool or Essences where there is a slash. That is different for fabricasts and ekylicasts)

(Tool/Essence) SlotsEdit

  • (Essence of Disguise)
  • ()
  • ()
  • ()


  • Cloak
  • Single Dagger



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