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140 lbs



Fighting Style

{Agressive, Defensive, Balanced, etc.

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Charming and a strong aura which will attract anyone to him.

Kylian is considerably tall, fairly muscular, and has shoulder level blonde hair. His eyes are of a piercing sapphire color. He likes to dress in an elegant manner.


Gifted; that's what Kylian can be attributed to. He is a highly intelligent individual and excels in physical activities. He is also calm, analytical, and arrogant. He shows to have a very stoic personality: He has a perfect control over his emotions and will show a complete apathy over things which are not of his interest. When being with other people, Kylian conducts himself as a sociable, likeable, and often easy going person. However, in reality, this is a mask to hide his true nature. His charisma and leadership skills easily gain him trust and respect.

In combat, he is relatively the same. He shows a combination of tactfulness and aggressiveness. He is very cold as he is willing to employ any strategy, use anyone or anything, and even sacrifice them, in order to achieve the objective. However, he  says that his primary motive to fight is to follow his beliefs and eradicate injustice. He also enjoys seeking out challenges.

Despite his coldness and ruthlessness in battle, Kylian can be a rather compassionate person as it is shown with his interactions with his friends and loved ones. 


The only info known about Kylian is that he is an orphan who grew in Avalon. He was a soldier in it's army until recently.



(Tools/Essences and Equipment)Edit

Essence Slots

  • Essence of Manipulation: Grants the user the control and manipulation of the object with their hands or mind. (Source: A puppet)
  • ()
  • ()
  • ()


  • A gun
  • A pocket pistol
  • 1 belt knife
  • 2 boot knives
  • A vial containing liquid poison
  • Medical supply


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